Helpful Information

Helpful Information

Anyone who has experienced the tingling, numbness, and pain of neuropathy knows how uncomfortable and unforgiving the illness is. Whether it is caused by chemotherapy, diabetes, or something else, most neuropathy treatment focuses on dulling the pain. For neuropathy treatment in the Oakhurst, NJ area residents turn to the group of physicians at NJ Neuropathy.

Complications Of Peripheral Nephropathy

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy develops in the hands and feet when nerves around the spinal cord become damaged. This nervous system disorder causes a burning sensation, tingling, numbness, and sensitivity to touch. This condition can happen suddenly. Many affected by neuropathy reported that it becomes worse during the evening causing sleeplessness.

Neuropathy Treatment in Oakhurst, NJ

Many medications for neuropathy treatment are used to deal with the pain. They do nothing to treat the nerve damage itself. At NJ Neuropathy, patients experience a different kind of treatment to reduce or completely eradicate all symptoms. Dr. Charles Ferrante uses chiropractic biophysics techniques to help patients experiencing the debilitating effects of peripheral neuropathy. When new patients come in, the team begins by assessing the reason the person is experiencing the condition. This means that each patient receives a treatment plan that is tailored to their unique situation

Getting the Right Treatment for You

Whether the neuropathy is caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, or something else, the team at NJ Neuropathy can help. Their neuropathy treatment plan will address the source of the nerve pain, tingling, and numbness. Our team can also address any difficulties with balance.

Developing the Personalized Treatment Plan

During the initial office exam, the doctor and our team will develop a treatment plan. We use non-invasive, FDA-approved technologies that are clinically shown to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy. Our drug-free approach is appealing to many seeking relief from the symptoms of neuropathy. Each treatment plan focuses on the rehabilitation of the nerves around the spine while reducing the symptoms of neuropathy.

The Benefit of Our Treatment Methods

As part of a nationwide team of doctors, Dr. Charles Ferrante approaches neuropathy treatment with whole-body wellness and health view. As part of the Blueprint Healthcare Network, our team is committed to providing the most current, non-invasive treatment techniques. It has been clinically proven that peripheral nerves can heal. The techniques used and the time involved are determined by the severity of the nerve damage. Consideration also has to be given to the underlying reason for the cause of the issue.

If you or a loved one is experiencing the pain of neuropathy, come visit our team at NJ Neuropathy in Oakhurst, NJ. Our neuropathy treatment plans will start you on the road to recovery. Don’t delay as this issue, if it is more than two years old, can become permanent. Let us help you on the road to wellness.